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Battlefield 2′s opening movie remade in Battlefield 4, nostalgia levels are off the charts

ActioNxTeaM have remade the original Battlefield 2 opening movie inside of Battlefield 4, and have done a really great job of it.  The camera work, the timing, and the attention to small details really brought back the memories for me. [Continue Reading]


Why I want the Playstation 4 VR headset in 3 GIFs

If given the option of cutting off someone's arm and beating them with it, or not...I think it's clear what we'll pick every time. [Continue Reading]

Hit the Share button, and hit the Options button to access "share settings"

How-to: Enable voice recording on PS4 Share videos

One very hidden feature on the PS4 is the ability to record your voice through your microphone on your Share button videos.  Below is a visual how-to for enabling this option; note that if you're in a party, only your voice will be heard.  If you're using in-game chat, everyone's voice will be heard.  This will also work for the PS Camera in Playroom!       [Continue Reading]


Playstation 4 firmware 1.7 coming soon, share button getting major buffs

Scott McCarthy has dropped some tasty teases about the upcoming PS4 FW 1.7 update.  Fans of gameplay capture will be especially interested in this update. [Continue Reading]


Guns of Icarus Online possibly delayed for PS4, Muse Games hints

I reached out to Muse Games today to check on the status of the PS4 port of Guns of Icarus Online, as we haven't heard a peep out of them about this game in months.  The response I got was disheartening to say the least; from the sounds of it, they may not even have a working devkit at the studio. [Continue Reading]


Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC hitting soon, overhead maps leak

Here we have the overhead maps seen on the spawn screen for the 4 new maps dropping with the Naval Strike DLC later this month.  Of course, we can't see the playable boundaries, so these are probably more impressive looking than they will actually be in practice. [Continue Reading]


Threes! now available on Android for $1.99, cellphone batteries beware

The hit iOS game Threes! makes it debut today on the Play Store.  Looks like you're not sleeping tonight.  Sorry about that. [Continue Reading]


TowerFall Ascension released for PS4 and PC today, grab some friends and park your asses on the couch

Matt Thorson's indie darling TowerFall Ascension is hitting PSN and Steam today.  It will be on sale this week for PS+ members at $11.99 (until 3/17), and $14.99 for non PS+ and Steam folks.  Reviews have been shining, and the local multiplayer has been lovingly compared to Goldeneye's frantic same-couch action.  Check out the launch trailer below for a taste of what to expect, and let us know what you think of it! [Continue Reading]

They couldn't keep it a secret forever

You can’t stop the signal – Watch_Dogs release date leaked, coming May 27th

Thanks to the leaked image below from the Xbox 360 dashboard, as well as a new trailer for Watch_Dogs, we now have the official release date of May 27th.  Check out the trailer below! [Continue Reading]


127 days later, and Battlefield 4 is still amazingly broken

While it's still a little early in the life of Battlefield 4 to hold a postmortem, you can certainly consider this a pre-postmortem.  What I have assembled below is a condensed history of Battlefield 4 up to this point, the first week of March 2014. [Continue Reading]