127 days later, and Battlefield 4 is still amazingly broken


While it’s still a little early in the life of Battlefield 4 to hold a postmortem, you can certainly consider this a pre-postmortem.  What I have assembled below is a condensed history of Battlefield 4 up to this point, the first week of March 2014.  I have striven to provide a balanced look at some of the promises that were made by DICE, some of the major issues that befell Battlefield 4, and attempt to offer a look forward for not only the remaining life of Battlefield 4, but future DICE projects.

Where we were
There was a running joke late last year surrounding the release of DICE’s Battlefield 4, wherein folks would jokingly refer to the upcoming title as “Battlefield 3.5″.  From early impressions and marketing videos, the game looked to be firmly rooted in the foundations that its older brother had laid.  Graphics were improved in 4, of course, but overall gameplay seemed to be largely intact, and many graphical and sound assets were being reused.  DICE promised that Battlefield 4 would have an amazing new feature called “levolution”, where players could directly and dramatically change the course of the gameplay by doing certain actions.  Destruction was touted as being enhanced and more granular than in BF3, including more buildings that you could completely level, ala Battlefield Bad Company 2.  DICE heard the criticism from Battlefield 3′s lead up to launch, and made sure to release multiplayer gameplay videos ahead of BF4′s release.  However, it was obvious that DICE still had grand ambitions for their single player mode, widely reviled in Battlefield 3, with the release of a 17 minute long trailer titled “Fishing in Baku”.


What would become “the” scene that defined BF4′s graphical leap over BF3

After long clamoring from fans, DICE teased that it would be including women in the game.  Many feared that this was just lip service, but DICE went so far as to include viral teases of Hanna, who we would eventually find out was a non-playable story character.  After many complaints from the e-sports scene about the viability of Battlefield 3 in competition settings, DICE aggressively reassured players that e-sports was a top priority for them, and with the addition of a true spectator mode and smaller gameplay modes, DICE obviously felt confident that they had included the necessary tools to capture interest from e-sports competitors.

Battlepacks were another highly touted new feature, one that was meant to drive traffic to Battlelog, DICE’s browser based management tool for your solider.  In addition to earning items through conventional means (using guns, completing assignments), Battlepacks would grant a player a set number of unlockables, boosting the rate at which the player would receive add-ons.  In an effort to sell their Premium subscription, DICE tied Battlepacks to the service fairly deeply, granting “Premium Battlepacks” at regular intervals, as well as additional double XP weekends for Premium members.  As well as receiving all of the expansion packs early, Premium members would supposedly find obvious value in these Battlepack extras.

Battlefield launched on October 29th in the US on PC, followed by the PS4 release roughly 2 weeks later, and the Xbox One 2 weeks after that.  To call it a rough launch would be an understatement; on PC, crashes to desktop were a disappointingly frequent occurrence, and the Playstation 4 version was rendered nearly unplayable thanks to “blue screen” crashes.  In November, about a month after the console releases, Destructoid posted their impressions of the console versions; remember, this was 6 weeks after the PS4 version had been released.

“But all that glitters isn’t gold, as users have been reporting widespread issues with both the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, including single-player save corruption problems, crashes, audio drops, and latency issues — a few of which I encountered myself. To be blunt, EA needs to fix these issues sooner than later, as they’ve inexcusably sold an unfinished product for a full retail price…On PS4, I encountered more problems than I could count. If you’re going to jump into either one of them, note that DICE still has some kinks to work out.”


The term “unplayable” was not quite hyperbolic for PS4 players

 If DICE had a QA team working on Battlefield 4, it wasn’t obvious.  On November 21st, DICE created a special section on their forums called the Control Room.  The purpose of this page was to open a direct communication channel with the players, and to provide a space where DICE could post news on bugs, patch progress, and upcoming improvements.  After releasing their first DLC, China Rising, DICE was flooded with bug reports and complaints about game-breaking issues.  Players became increasingly frustrated that DICE seemed more concerned about making money than providing a quality, functioning game.  On December 4th, DICE issued the following statement:

“We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game — it is absolutely our No. 1 priority.  The team at DICE is working non-stop to update the game. Since Battlefield 4 China Rising expansion pack was already in the final stages of development by the time issues began with Battlefield 4, we decided to fulfill our promise to deliver it this week, but we’re not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4.”

In an attempt to quickly patch up relations with the community, Karl Magnus Troedsson announced the “Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation” award, in which all players would be given a 3x scope for their 1911 pistol and an additional double XP weekend.  This was meant to be a peace offering for the extended trouble the community had endured, but players quickly turned on Troedsson, expressing their disbelief that time and resources were going towards this small item instead of fixing bigger issues.  The top reply to Troedsson’s post is below in its entirety, which received over 3600 “hooahs” on Battlelog:

“I personally find it insulting that EA/DICE think a week of double XP and a pistol scope is some kind of token of appreciation. Many of us paid over a hundred dollars for a game that was so clearly not ready for release and while I truly believe some DICE devs are sorry, I don’t see flipping a few switches to give players extra experience as anything but DAMAGE CONTROL. If EA/DICE are truly sorry, then they can show it through action. More developer-player interaction, involve the community in balance decisions, constant updates on patch progress, FULL patch notes, premium content that isn’t camo. I don’t want to be so negative. I’d like to see this double EXP as a start. I sincerely hope that EA/DICE to follows through.”

As December crawled on, DICE continued having major issues with both clients and their own servers.  Many players were reporting that even starting the single player campaign would wipe our their save files, and since some guns are tied to the campaign, players were unable to unlock certain items.  Premium members were promised a double XP event during the Christmas holiday, well timed with many gamers’ vacations, but that was not to be.


A late December box of coal, courtesy of DICE

As January opened up, DICE’s community-manger-turned-producer Daniel Matros tweeted the following:


As the great Walter Sobchak once said, “you’re out of your element”.

The explosion from the community could have been seen from space with the naked eye.  As a person with one of DICE’s most forward-facing jobs, Matros essentially spit in the face of a group of players that had been having major, legitimate issues for the better part of 3 months.  In my estimation, this was the turning point of the community against DICE; up until January, the prevailing voices tended towards “let’s give DICE a little time to iron these kinks out”, but beyond Matros’ tweet, vitriol rapidly seeped into the conversation and talk of lost consumer confidence took hold.

EA and DICE haven’t simply released a broken game. They have cracked the foundation of the brand and driven a wedge between themselves and a loyal fan base. 

EA continues to cash in on a la carte DLC, fails to fulfill the promise made that pre-order bonuses would carry over across generations, and willingly takes in money for Premium ($50 above the $60 retail purchase price) despite a broken core product.

In this time frame, it became painfully evident that DICE had farmed out the China Rising DLC to another developer, and that to meet their deadlines, content had been cut from the DLC.

“First of all Levolution was originally planned for all 4 maps in BF4: China Rising DLC.  In the Altai Range as the round progresses a snow storm should take place. For Silk Road as in Gulf of Oman sand storms come into action.  Guilin Peaks receive fog that fall after some period of time and as for Dragon Pass it is unknown, maybe the rain would start falling or maybe some kind of flood should appear as in Flood Zone.”


As February approached, DICE announced their plans for their “Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month”.  Troedsson was back, and apparently had learned a harsh lesson from his last post, and unveiled a month long program that would reward all players with double XP events, daily Battlepacks, and community challenges for unique items.  This, in large part, managed to settle down a very riled up group of gamers, and during February, Battlefield 4 settled into relative stability across its multiple platforms.  The conversation turned from bug fixes to balance patches, which most people agreed were needed desperately.  DICE pushed out their “Second Assault” DLC to the PC and PS4 in February with no major issues affecting the release.  On March 4th, DICE pushed a patch to prepare the game for the upcoming Naval Strike DLC, which created many new bugs not seen before, and reintroduced some PS4 “blue screen” crashes.

where we are

Some of us have now owned Battlefield 4 for 127 days.  Some of us have purchased Premium for our game.  Some of us have double dipped and bought BF4 for both console and PC.  We have dressed up for Halloween, eaten dinner with our families on Thanksgiving, opened our Christmas gifts, wrapped arms around friends and lovers and sung Auld Lang Syne, and watched the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  In this time frame, can we say that DICE has delivered with their continued support of Battlefield 4?  In my opinion, the answer is a resounding “no”.

While many new pieces continue to work very well, such as mobile integration with Battlelog, commander mode, spectating, and beyond, many more basic issues persist.  Player models still get stuck on simple ground clutter geometry like broken cardboard boxes, kill cam issues (from wrong health displays to even showing the wrong player and weapon) still abound, and the ever-talked-about “netcode” continues to be a significant downgrade from Battlefield 3.  Many servers are consistently suffering from rubber-banding and many players have uploaded GIFs of emptying entire clips into enemies without so much as a hit marker.


The March 4th patch scared Reddit’s GingerSpencer

Whatever goodwill DICE bought with their statement that all efforts would go to bug squashing before proceeding with future DLC or projects has vanished.  It is clear, and continues to get clearer with every patch, that DICE is not invested in quality assurance to any degree.  There are multiple reasons for this, not the least of which is that DICE released 5 versions of Battlefield 4.  The work required to release regular, bug free updates is Herculean, and DICE is obviously not up to the task.  The fact that the PS4 version has gone from stable to blue screens in March is a damning indictment of DICE’s ability to do basic housekeeping on their products.

Killcam weapon bug - vertigo3pc is the "victim" of a miraculous shot out of the window of the AC-130

Killcam weapon bug – vertigo3pc is the “victim” of a miraculous shot out of the window of the AC-130

Because of persistent “netcode” issues, as well as game-breaking bugs, the BF4 e-sports conversation is all but over.  By the time DICE has enough bugs ironed out for e-sports teams to take notice, the game will be at the end of its lifespan, and support will become non-existent.

On the topic of including women in the game, Hanna turned out to be just as feared: lip service.  Prominently teasing a non-playable NPC is at best confusing, and at worst a malicious false advertisement.  Why DICE chose to aggressively market Hanna is up for discussion, but I think it turned out to be a little disingenuous.

While DICE has addressed the single player save game bug in numerous patches, it is still an ongoing issue, and people are still advised by the community to not play the campaign.  Given that the campaign was heavily marketed as a selling point for this title, this is extremely frustrating and disappointing.

Battlepacks have proven a somewhat contentious topic, as their contents are generally useless at higher ranks, and the inclusion of items such as emblem shapes and soldier portraits are downright pointless.  There is also some discontentment that certain gun add-ons are only obtainable through Battlepacks, whose contents are completely randomized.

Some good news for future DLC is that DICE Los Angeles, the team responsible for the Second Assault DLC, will be at the helm.  After the disaster that was China Rising, it’s good to see DICE learning their lesson and developing DLC in-house.

Beyond bugs, one of my chief complaints with DICE’s approach to DLC are their isolated servers.  If you want to play the new Second Assault maps, you must play on a server that exclusively rotates those 4 maps over and over.  This would be immediately alleviated by bringing private servers to the consoles, but 4 months in, this is still not a feature on the Xbox One or PS4.  Releasing DLC in this format is devastating to the community in terms of fragmentation, as older map packs will be abandoned by players in favor of newer packs.

where we go from here

After the last 4 months, it’s hard to have much faith in DICE’s future projects, let alone their long term support of Battlefield 4.  It’s clear that EA is driving the ship, and DICE is getting the whip cracked over their backs and being told to row harder.  With news that the Battlefield franchise will have a new entry yearly, with DICE and Visceral Games alternating years, it’s easy to glean what EA sees in the Battlefield franchise: a field full of suckers eager to throw their money at broken products.  Star Wars Battlefront 3 and Mirror’s Edge 2, once much begged for titles, now have the taint of Battlefield 4 attached to their names.  DICE has arrived at a crucial moment in their operation, and to me, this is the make or break time for them.  To restore consumer faith in DICE as a competent developer that deserves our money in the future, they have to first resolve the lingering issues with Battlefield 4.  The seeming inability for DICE to take two steps forward without taking a hop, skip, or jump backwards continues to be a perplexing problem and signals core leadership failures within their ranks.  You can only blame a publisher to a point…while EA might be pushing unrealistic deadlines, they aren’t the ones writing bad code and tolerating mediocrity.

At this point, it is hard to suggest voting with one’s wallet, as most of us have already sunk $60-$110 into Battlefield 4.  What I will suggest, though, is seriously considering not pre-ordering the next DICE title you’re interested in.  Let the reviews come out, read some feedback from early adopters and wait to see if the verse is the same, even if the song is new.  Continuing to throw money at a company after they perform so poorly is not only damaging to the industry, but irresponsible as a consumer.

Is all this to say I haven’t enjoyed Battlefield 4?  On the contrary.  When the game isn’t crashing or lagging, there is tremendous fun to be had.  I think it could be DICE’s best entry in a long and varied franchise, but as it stands today, 127 days later, it is simply not.  DICE has increasingly come around to listening and engaging the community, but I’m worried it might be too late.  By time we get the Battlefield we paid for, we’ll be on to the next big thing, and what a damn shame that is.

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      Yes it is, and the man speaks truth.

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    Great article!!This game was definitely released a few months earlier to meet the next-gen launch line-up.

  • http://spawnglitch.com/ Marcus Wilde

    I’ve gotta agree with everything in this article. I want to love this game, but DICE and EA are making it too damn hard. I definitely won’t be pre-ordering the next Battlefield game, and I won’t even be getting it at launch. I’m going to keep a close eye on the community chatter and wait at least a month before considering picking it up.

    Honestly, I miss the old style of Battlefield games (up to and including 2142), but I know that we’ll probably never see its return. I’ve been longing for Battlefield 2143 all this time, but hopefully the carrier assault mode in Naval Strike will bring back some of the Titan mode charm.

    • spec

      yeh 2142 titan mode was exelent and personally im not into all that destructive envoirnment stuff, I preferred it the other way.

  • AssyMcgee

    I’ve never had a problem with my BF4

    • TyfE

      Me neither. I mean I had a problem with the beta where I couldn’t spawn, but the actual full release has been nothing but sweet for me.

    • SubPopGeek

      You have, even though you may not be aware of it. The issues are embedded in the game’s broken coding and strange design decisions.

      Did you ever realize that the gun animations don’t actually correspond to where the bullets are shot from, thus making your aim and recoil compensation based on an illusion? Have you seen that physics objects aren’t the same for each player on a server, so a barrel, fallen tree, chunk of rock, or fallen plane debris that you hide behind might not even be visible to anyone but you? In fact, it might be in a completely different location altogether. Did you know a player’s orientation is hardly ever correct until they fire a weapon and you see them do it? So you may think you are sneaking up on someone, but they are staring right at you. Also, the rate you’re allowed to send/receive data over the network is capped, and can cause delays in receiving critical information, like when someone is shooting you. Then all of a sudden you get every bit of missed info in one lump and it feels like you just got one shot killed through a wall, by a guy who is already running far away by the time you see the kill cam.

      The list is long, my friend. Just because you didn’t notice the problem, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And everyone is upset because most of these weren’t issues in previous games in the series, and if they were, they were fixed.

    • SubPopGeek

      All that said… I “haven’t had a problem” either, in the sense that I know it has problems, but I’m a loyal fan and hope it will all get fixed eventually. It’s still fun as hell 75% of the time. The other 25% is frustrating, and makes it silly to call the game complete at all. I’ve never played another Battlefield where so many people admit they suck at the game, but it’s not even their fault. Half the time they had no chance to react to getting shot at, or thought they were safe behind the concrete chunk that fell from a building. Gaaaahh… It’s still fun, but players that know what’s wrong have a huge advantage over those that don’t.

      • spec

        for me its like 25% good 75% bad cause it always crashes after 2-3 maps.

  • Chookalana

    I’ve played Battlefield since BF1942, and after enduring BF4′s continual errors, crashes and corrupted saves I can safely say that I’m done. I’m done with DICE, and definitely done with this franchise. The series has taken a sharp nose dive since BFBC2′s Vietnam Expansion. That expansion was rushed, and unlike the gem that was BFBC2.

    • jtwix101

      You are correct in everything except Vietnam was awesome It was the best DLC in history.

      • Asimb0mb

        Vietnam is indeed the best Battlefield DLC in history. BFBC2 is still the best Battlefield game in the franchise imo.

        • spec

          2142 for me. Wish theyd make a wide screen hd version of it, id go back.



    • Rahh

      I need one of those. Or I should just sell BF4 and move on. Maybe next week when Dark Souls 2 is out

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      They forgot to put the word “fan” or “player” under it. This must be installed in the EA Ceo office.

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        It is in the EA CEO’s office. It’s stuffed with money.
        True story.

  • Alan Boxberger

    Outstanding article, and pretty much sums up my feelings about this franchise and developer. The only thing I take exception to is the comment regarding things getting stable during February, as I’ve yet to achieve stability or consistency between my experience from match to match.

    The first BF game I purchased was BF3, and it had an extremely rough rollout as well. Many BF veterans seem to laugh off everyone’s outrage over the sorry state of BF4 with, “DICE always has shoddy releases, just give them time and they will get everything fixed up.” It is obvious that DICE has come to depend on this mentality, simply releasing the game and fixing it later. Hell, they released BF4 with a lot of the bugs they took months to fix in BF3.

    I won’t be fooled a third time. There are lots of quality projects in the pipeline, made by competent developers. Will I miss the fun of the BF series? Maybe. But I won’t miss the headache and rage that comes along with it. I preordered two games with the XBOne, BF and TF. I’m five days out from moving on from this series and I couldn’t be more excited.

  • Dixie Normous

    So glad I didn’t buy BF4, my money instead went to some wonderful, satisfying, AND bug free (at least programming bugs) restaurant meals.

  • Rahh

    I still get major issues playing( especially conquest), The same ones from day one on PS4. I love to play; however, I’m not sure how much longer I can frustrate myself trying to get through a single match without game breaking issues as well as crashes and never ending blinking cursors in between games. Also, about 20 times yesterday for example, I had my sights aimed down on an opponent and fired a full clip into them point blank with a high powered weapon before they could even react yet all of the sudden I die by their pistol round and they have 100% health. GRRRRRR

    • truthbulletspewpew

      I thought eventually getting a PS4 would solve some issues w/ BF4 for me (I realized that after I invested another 10€ into battlefield 4 for the upgrade). at leeeast get solid FPS, since playing bf4 on older generations is impossible when the FPS drops and stays down + the input lag (which was fixed in BF3 after months and i guess will never be fixed in BF4) and the connection lag. 1 round everything seems to be in your favor, the game seems “fixed”, but hell in the same round everything can change, the lag becomes ridiculous and you can see how the other players are struggling as well and you lose a round which you were dominating a couple of minutes ago.

  • ITFN Bite BayKon

    A very good article, but I must ask and I see it everywhere, not just here, but why is EA and DICE referred to as 2 companies? DICE is called EA DICE, it’s owned by EA, tbh most of the time you don’t even need to put DICE, you’d only need to put EA.

    • Asimb0mb

      DICE develops the games. EA publishes them and takes care of the money. They are completely different. EA can’t develop games, but DICE can.

      • ITFN Bite BayKon

        Where did I say anything to the contrary to that?

      • rstat1

        actually EA and DICE are one in the same. Both are EA.

        • SubPopGeek

          Is the publisher of a novel the same as the author? Is a record label the same as the band? NO – They are two completely different entities. One is responsible for producing and distributing, the other for creating. Hence the separate titles of Publisher and Developer. Pressure from a publisher can force a developer to rush a product or include/exclude features if it conflicts with some core value of the larger company, but that still doesn’t make them the same, that’s just business politics. And, in fact, DICE is one of few developers most known for their independence from their Publishers/Owners.

        • spec

          doesn’t really mater, at the end of the day one made the game and one took the money so both are responsible in my opinion.

  • Thomas Becker

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article, thanks!

    Overall the game has been stable for me since 2014. Although I’m sure I am more tolerant/ignorant than most of the bugs. To be completely honest I am just glad DICE put it all on the line to get (imho) a truly next-gen multiplayer experience out on next-gen hardware for the launch. For all the empty promises made by Infamous/Watch Dogs/Drive Club that stood only to crumble a month before it makes me think sometimes I’d rather be shit on then lied to.

  • Psychosious

    Props, hope more get the big picture like you painted for all of us.


    this site is gay

  • shinyidol

    Why are you beating up on the QA team for something that is totally out of their control? QA teams typically don’t set the priority of when things get fixed, that is typically the Line Producer. I’d say a good portion of the issues were in the database but were punted.

    • Menelaus

      You know how I know you didn’t read the whole article?

      • shinyidol

        I did read it. But you make a poorly written statement somehow placing blame on QA as if they didn’t do their jobs and didn’t write up bugs while working on BF4. Now if you said “If DICE had paid any attention to the QA team working on Battlefield 4, it wasn’t obvious”, that would make more sense considering what responsibilities QA has and what type of influence they have on the end product.

        • Menelaus

          QA is under the perview of the project managers and directors, which I directly place blame on. “The seeming inability for DICE to take two steps forward without taking a
          hop, skip, or jump backwards continues to be a perplexing problem and
          signals core leadership failures within their ranks.” If DICE on a whole is not valuing the QA process adequately, that is a massive leadership failure up the chain.

    • John Harrison

      well, one quick reason would be because the Quality Assurance team is supposed to check for things like sound errors, random freezes, botched kill cams etc

      • shinyidol

        Do you even know what QA does? It is QA job to report issues, not fix them. I can guarantee that the QA reported many of the issues you bring up, but it isn’t their job to fix them. That responsibility lands on the programmers, artists, animators, and designers. The priority of what to fix is set by the production staff.

        • SubPopGeek

          I worked in QA for 7 years, and I approve this message. lol :D
          The higher ups and especially people in the design team would get pissy if you even mentioned that you might have an idea about how to fix a problem. Your job was to find bugs and exploits and figure out exactly how to repeat them, and how difficult it was to repeat them and nothing else. If it’s something so confounding and problematic that it takes multiple departments to figure out, then it usually gets flagged and omitted from normal testing. There’s no point creating a report everyday for a big known issue. At that point, if the programmers say it’s fixed, then it’s usually taken for granted that it’s fixed and people start getting really upset when someone from QA tries to reopen a bug report that they really wanted to close. At this point, the deadline is usually quickly approaching, and there’s at least 100 other stupid little things that need to be checked off, and it’s usually either one or the other that gets the last bit of attention. Hardly ever both. But nothing gets by QA.

          • shinyidol

            Fixing bugs is similar to the car recall scene in Fight Club. Issue has been found. How easily can it be reproduced? How easy is it to access? What is the cost in man hours to fix it? What are higher priorities? It is seriously a crap shoot on what gets fixed at times, as there are ALWAYS a more important issue and the deadline is always looming.

  • cruzin4u

    I am done with this game myself. I haven’t played in 3 weeks and do not miss one minute of it. I remember with BF3, I couldn’t get my mind off the game. BF4 on the other hand, it just doesn’t interest me even when it is working. The entire game seems to be dumbed down for the average player.

  • unknowncast

    Battlefield 3 turned out to be the writing on the wall, wasn’t it?

  • coolmasterishere

    Amazing article.

  • Noodle Gaming

    Fantastic write up! It is a crying shame this game isn’t what it should be, it would be the best ever.

  • Phil Awdry

    A good article. I for one will not buy another EA product. Battlefront was a must have but not now.

    • Scott Wallace

      Agreed! I hope for a miracle that they don’t mess up Battlefront this bad…

  • tasllehoffe36

    I personally will not buy another dice or battlefield product.

  • Pieter la Seine

    Shame DICE doesnt REALLY care about BF4 balance. Or QA.

    Example: long range hovercamping is still perfectly possible thanks to the very long range, accurate rockets, 30mm shells and TV missiles, the same mechanics in BF3 that led to 80-0 killstreaks while never leaving safety of base or edges of maps are still in BF4, and some pilots do use it all the time.

    • SubPopGeek

      Do you even know about the CTE? or EA’s influence on QA testing? Not even just EA, practically the whole damn industry since 2006 has basically done away with QA, and left it up to the consumers to test. And not because of some nefarious scheme, but partly due to the fact that consumers just can’t be pleased no matter what, so the bigger companies said “Screw it! You guys think you know everything, then what do you want from us? Is this ok for you? what features do YOU want?” It changed everything. EA alone laid off over 400 QA employees in 2005. It cost too much money, and people would just bitch about every little nit-picking thing anyway.

      As for the CTE though, DICE has been one of the best at getting the community involved in bettering their games, by allowing access to test servers for new patches and DLC as they are working them. There’s a patched version of BF4 that fixes a lot of the buggy stuff, and it’s running right now on the CTE. I can load it up and play and leave feedback directly to DICE. Players on the CTE have already played prototypes of Final Assault as well, and helped test and shape it before it’s official release. And this is in spite of a lack of QA support from their publisher. If that doesn’t say they care, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      As for campers… seriously, dude? Campers are going to camp. You can’t program a game to change human behavior. Play on a different server.

      • Pieter la Seine

        Amazing that you never actually read the words. Bias post much?
        Hovercamping is different than regular camping.
        You can program in gamebreaking balance mechanics, as you can reprogram them to fix balance.

        Humans will abuse the flaws in balance, it is up to the developer to fill up the flaws so the other players do not get shoved under the bus by those flaws.

        • SubPopGeek

          Hovercamping has been around long before BF3, and hasn’t been limited to just the BF series either. I probably am biased, as you say, because I worked in the games industry for a long time, and I can assure you that the majority of people do care. People don’t choose that career that don’t love it and don’t want to make a great title. Games are just freaking complex, shit goes wrong all the time while making them, and it’s not as easy as most people think to just type magic new code to solve every issue. If a bug actually made into a release, you can almost guarantee that bug was a royal pain in the ass, and they’re not happy about it either.

  • Benson Winifred

    I can’t believe people still actually play it..

  • NinjaQuick


    DICE is the only developer who will be making Battlefield’s core experience, Visceral’s development is purely speculative based on out-of-context quotes.

    DICE LA was formerly Danger Close, the studio responsible for the awful Medal of Honor reboot titles, as well as Second Assault, a painful expansion. The lack of Levelution on China Rising was a decision made by the designers responsible for the expansion. They chose to remove scripted events and large scale destruction in favor of a traditional Battlefield. To protect my source, they will remain anonymous.

    DICE has competence in content creation and development, but have incredible incompetence in leadership and communication. With EA’s increased involvement over the years, and the strain from releasing on 5 simultaneous platforms (7 if you include Tablet Commander) this becomes very clear: Mismanaged resources, overscoping, poor communication on the states of deliverables and a general lack of unified vision.

  • Joe

    I’ve never played a more broken game in my life. The amount of rubber band lag, insanely bad hit detection, horrible driving mechanics (tanks act like their sliding on ice when driving on roads), and your player constant getting stuck on shit as you move has finally led me to snap. I can’t play this shit game anymore. I spent $100+ on this steaming pile of horse shit and I never will again. I hope more BF players join me in never buying one of their games again. I was looking forward to Battlefront 3 but, seeing how BF4 is, I’m not buying that EVER.

  • Joe

    I would also like to add that their “Battlefield Appreciation Month” made me burst out in laughter. If EA/DICE appreciated their fanbase, they wouldn’t have released such a broken piece of shit. But since they did, they could at least “appreciate” their fans by fixing it…but they haven’t. They think by giving players useless shit like emblems, camo, paint, etc., we will be happy. FUCK THAT. Fix your game and then will be happy. Now they’re releasing Naval Assault! Oh Boy I can’t wait to play that hot garbage! Let’s add more broken DLC to a broken game! What a great idea! FUCK YOU EA, FUCK TOU DICE. I’ll never, ever, EVER buy a game by you clowns SO HELP ME GOD. You’re all a bunch of money sucking parasites.

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  • Ali Baba

    This low budget quality game with price of high quality titles cost me over 2000$. I broke my mice first than I smash my LCD and finally, two weeks ago, I poured a glass of beer to my computer. That’s it. I remember very good all that presentations of Battlefield 4 on E3, I know very well what Patrick Bach said about this game. All time DICE said It will be most ballanced high quality game, net code is much more better than in Battlefield 3, game will be highly playable in competitive gaming bla bla bla. And that’s their solution – unplayable piece of crap full of bugs, problems and useless weapon gadgets and camos. Oh, and we have Facebook-like page with military look called Battlelog ofcourse. I swear to God I will never ever buy anything else from DICE!

  • o.itz.jarrettco.

    R.I.P Battlefield !

  • James Walker

    I have consistently told people for the past 3 years that Pre-orders (especially from EA and Activision) are a sucker’s bet. EA has done absolutely nothing to justify faith in any of their products including EA sports and other mature game series like Need For Speed. I honestly understand the outrage over what is first an overpriced game to start with and second basically built around a DLC cash cow model akin to Free to Play titles. People really need to stop making purchasing decisions based on pre-release trailers. There was a demo but it was short lived and hardly representative of the final product and many never played it so they went in blindly drinking the EA KoolAid. Caveat Emptor people, it’s a product and it’s your money so unless you’re independently wealthy don’t take EA’s word for the quality of BF4 or anything else for that matter.

  • Shanebear

    Man, your article is spot on. Thank you for writing this. It’s such a shame too, the games are so incredibly fun until server rubberbanding makes you rage.

    Dice should suspend release of new DLC until they clean up their mess of a game. That would restore my faith in them.

  • Karl

    My harddrive was crash from Battlefield 4, and now I’m unable to download the update. It download for a while, and stop!!! (Saying Cannot Download WTF!!!). So, how the fuck can I play the game????? It’s my PS4 by the way

  • sinn1

    Just thought I would chime in here, my game still does not work at all online. I have never played a single round in multiplayer. I have been a Battlefield fan since 1942, I will never buy another Battlefield again. No scratch that I will never buy another Dice game. Someone needs to start a class action law suit.

  • tj1056

    This game is quite horrible still… getting a lot of the same bugs I have been getting since the start… tried to play today… kill traded with snipers LOL, clearly seen his bullet flying at me but for some reason the game gave me enough time to get my head shot on the head glitching sniper :)… then the stupid auto aim glitch where your aim just wont go on the person like it freezes right before you get your sights on… then the infamous dawnbreaker freeze… -_-; wish they would hurry up and update the refresh rate for consoles…

  • Jeromy Davis

    Software companies should be sued for distributing lemon software. For some reason, the tech industry believes it is perfectly fine to release unfinished products for full retail price. While most people understand that software may not be completely glitch-free, it becomes a real issue when companies like EA and Dice release games like BF4 which are completely broken. I paid for a functioning game, and this game is completely broken. I can’t play for 2 hours in multiplayer on this game before it completely locks up my Playstation3.

    Once again, both EA and Dice should be sued over this POS.

  • Level Minded

    Seriously what are all you nutters talking about? First off, been playing BF since BF1942 and BF2 and 2142 on PC. BF4 on my ps4 is the first playable console version I’ve had. The only bug I’ve discovered is the audio being out for the first 15 seconds of a mission which until I read all of this I honestly though was purposeful by the game. Certainly, every now and then a server crashes but I have yet to see an incarnation of the game that doesn’t have that side occasionally. What are you people complaining about?!? Totally bizarre and absolutely crazy. The amount of fun to be had vs. problems in my experience is by far on the side of fun. The internet is a funny place.

    • How_delightful

      If you had the issues I and others have been having with this otherwise great game, you would be pounding the keyboard with your clenched hands playing hypersonic Jazz bongo-drums with clenched teeth.

      But you have a different experience.

      • Level Minded

        Fair enough.

  • How_delightful

    Busted…. and no fix…

    How the bleeping bleep do I get out of BF4 “CONSOLE” which automatically appears
    in BF4 and locks me to the spot and causes me to be killed dozens of times?

    Ever since getting the game after the preorder, 50-per-cent of the times I
    play I get locked to the spot and cannot move and get killed….And all I
    see it a freaking text box in the top left corner of the screen really
    peeving me off with text appearing.

    I dont know how I get into it (I only use the number keypad) and I don`t know how to get out of it
    except switch off the power to the PC, or mess about with CTRL, ALT, DEL

    No other game has any issue with my Haswell i7 GTX
    780 rig. Just this rotten BF4 one (and problems with the BETA of
    Hardline) ….. and when I complained about the issues, ORIGIN banned me
    from commenting for five years.

    Its a seriously bad managed franchise with pink panty mods…Other companies get my money now; no more Origin..

  • Rubèn L Sandnes

    I still havent found ONE server that i can play on without EXSTREME Lag/ rubberband.

    I think im up to 1 or 2 kills total in my BF4 carrier.
    I am not Exaggerating this.

    • How_delightful

      Did you try altering the “Network smoothing factor” DOWN (to 20%-30% in settings in the game General options?

      Some people wrongly thought Network smoothing at 100% might be good; but it creates a huge LAG.

  • Mat Henderson

    I wish I hadn’t of forked over my money now. Still too buggy to be enjoyable

  • Andre A Silvestri Sr.

    I think bf4 has improved upon its release i mean i couldnt even play bf4 first 6 months without sayn forget this nonsense i still have minor glitches on ps4 and reload trouble but all in all its playable now peace

  • How_delightful

    Around 25% of the time the game plays GREAT for me (but my overall score is dragged down by GARBAGE of the game) Over four months later (than this article) and its still a glitched piece of garbage on my new GTX 780 Platinum SSD rig.
    So I complained on Battlelog about the game hundreds of times automatically going into `Console` (a BF4 text-code thing I know nothing about) and I only use a mouse and the Number-keypad on the keyboard (so its nothing to do with trying to get into `Console` [as I don`t know how I got there, what it is, or what to do with it]: but I am glued there; the game has me locked to the spot getting shot all the time. I cannot move in-game and only can move my mouse and shoot.
    Its like a really really nasty virus or something. I put a video on youtube. I have more to put up…. but I spend hundreds of hours looking round for a fix… that eludes reason.
    So; when I complained a few times on Battlelog the MOD banned me from commenting for FIVE YEARS (after he said it would be one year).

    All I learned is that;-
    1) Origin/DICE staff are very petty and hypersensitive and lie.
    2) The Deluxe version of the game is just as bad as any other version.
    3) A new (fully updated) i7, Windows 8.1 Pro x64, GTX 780 rig does not fix things.
    4) Origin/DICE DO NOT HAVE A FIX OR KEEP IT SECRET if they do have a fix.
    5) They hate their otherwise loyal customers.

    6) For the emotional damage, the game is a rip-off.

    Sometimes in game, I see other people glued to the spot in the same way I was; and they can shoot the wall they are stuck near; but they cannot move. Sometimes we try and kill ourselves with grenades to respawn elsewhere; but that is no fix either.

    The bad parts of Battlefield 4 are like a severely depressing version of the movie “Groundhog day”.

    • Scott Tucker

      Console line is enabled/disabled by hitting the tilde key (key to the left of the 1 key).

      • How_delightful

        Tried that a hundred times (fifty different ways); It NEVER works.

  • PWNYluv

    Still may Laggeronies, HackerBoteronies and Cheateronies.^^ But still love the game.

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  • Charter


  • spec

    still don’t have a working bf4 game. im defiantly calling it a night on bf4 and dice and ea, I have had enough of this lazy money cgrabing shit. I am however still p getting them to phone me and fix my game, im wonder what they’ll do when they cant? Oh format p[c lol done that been there it still crashes after 1-3 maps.

  • How_delightful

    Mid 2015;

    ……and the game is still a PoS that even whine (Pre-kick) servers keep bitchin that you are “Not playing agressively enough”, even on “All welcome” servers.

    Fk, it takes ten minutes to get back into the game after a 3-month layoff; and they just annoy you.

    Currently I can only tolerate fifteen minutes every three months. All year (the past 12 months) its been like that.

    GS:GO is storming by comparison. :D

    Steam all the way.

  • Milton

    The save game bug is still here, nearly two years later, anyone who tries to play an MP game loses all of their campaign progress and has to start at the beginning. Unbelievable.